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The interior of Rosemont大学's Chapel of the Immaculate Conception

Hit pause for a few minutes each month to pray and reflect with the College community. Each month, a reflection written by a member of the Centennial Service and Spiritual Sub-Committee will be published on this page. As a community, we will journey together in gratitude for the many blessings of Rosemont’s Centennial Year.

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安·玛丽·德斯特,SHCJ - 2022年4月29日

Sr. 安·玛丽·德斯特, 前网上可靠的赌博软件校长, discusses in her final reflection the need for hope amid tragedy.

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珍妮·玛丽·哈奇,SHCJ - 2022年4月1日

"The issue of gun violence is a complex one. All of us are complex individuals living in a complex world."

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珍妮·玛丽·哈奇,SHCJ - 2022年3月4日

As Easter comes upon us next month – a time when students often head home for break – far too many have nowhere safe to stay. 珍妮·玛丽·哈奇,SHCJ, delves into the challenges faced by college students who are unhoused. “The reality can be overwhelming. Thus, we turn to our God of compassion. We pause to bring these young people to God in our prayer.”

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安·玛丽·德斯特,SHCJ - 2022年2月4日

As we enter Black 历史 Month, Sr. Durst reflects on the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s to today's Black Lives Matter movement. "Let us embrace the whole of Black history and implore God to flood our hearts and minds with kindness, 礼貌, and a desire for justice for all."