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History of The Mission

The History of Rosemont’s Mission: 1921-2009

By: Delories Richardi '53 and Jeanne Marie Hatch, SHCJ

Over the years, the Mission of Rosemont College 从1922年的一个简单句子到扩展版本,以各种方式陈述 of today. Yet, key thoughts have always been embedded throughout. Words like Catholic, 知识、快乐、正直、信仰、忠诚和“满足时代的需要”都留下来了 consistent.

学院成立于1921年,1922年获得特许状. That same year, the College’s first Mission Statement was introduced. 它只是说,学院的目的是培养女孩 在向他们开放的更广阔的活动领域中占有一席之地,同时保持, at the same time, Catholic ideals in their integrity. By 1927 the Mission was expanded to read,:

“(网上可靠的赌博软件的)目的是满足这个时代的需求,让女性做好准备 社会和知识界的场所……为高等教育提供了设施 道德品质的发展和真正虔诚的培养 and solid virtue.”

十七年后,在第二次世界大战期间,一个机会更多的时代 对妇女开放是必要的,使命宣言重复了 1927年的版本增加了“完成大学课程后的学生” 是否有能力继续他们自己的教育,将他们的知识和培训联系起来 to whatever opportunities and circumstances life may offer.”

二十年后,1963年,特派团扩大,重申学院 存在于罗马天主教会的框架内,而罗马天主教会的使命是这一代人 和基督徒的发展,通过文科来实现这一点 program that includes theology and philosophy.”

Image of an art classroom in the 1930's. 他们画了一个穿着及膝长裙的模特,靠在凳子上,手肘放在膝盖上,所有女学生的后脑壳都清晰可见. The color of the photo is sepia-toned.

特派团继续指出,网上可靠的赌博软件独特的特点,因此 不在于它的教育计划,而在于该计划所处的独特氛围 is implemented. 科妮莉亚·康纳利,圣婴会的创始人 耶稣,过去是,并将继续是精神灵感的源泉 the College.

这是一种忠诚和信任的精神,标志着教师和学生之间的关系 students, and among the students themselves; a spirit designed to encourage growth 在行使负责任的自由,尊重人的个性,欣赏 基督教的价值观,以及对基督徒责任的高度认识 of knowledge, love, and service.

Adult Students and Graduate Programs

The 80s and 90s were about growth and change. As Rosemont grew, the College introduced 为成年劳动男女提供继续教育和研究生项目. As the century was coming to an end, the Mission was shortened. The year 1993 revealed a Mission which adopted the terms “diverse ages” and “men.” It read, “a liberal arts 天主教传统的学院,致力于教育不同年龄的妇女 网上可靠的赌博软件将其基本承诺扩展到男性教育 和女人一样,培养开放和批判的思维,对欲望做出反应 时代的需要……持续的成长和学习……负责任和有效地行动 the world.三年后,“使命”被修改为“网上可靠的赌博软件,扎根” 本着天主教传统和大公精神,欢迎各种信仰的人士. It is committed to excellence and joy in teaching and learning.”

网上可靠的赌博软件传教会的新版本成立于2002年. As the College celebrated its 80th网上可靠的赌博软件学院是一个社区。 在追求知识的过程中追求卓越和快乐. Rosemont 学院力求在所有社区成员中培养开放和批判的思想, as well as to make reasoned moral decisions.

Additions to the Mission Statement

植根于天主教和指导的教育原则,科妮莉亚康纳利 和圣婴耶稣会,网上可靠的赌博软件学院的价值观:信任和敬畏 for the dignity of each person; Diversity in human culture and experience; Persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion.”

学院不断发展,同时调整其重点,以满足迫切需求 of the time in our changing world. Recognizing this reality, the Mission and Ministry 行动委员会建议对《网上最可靠赌博软件》进行增补,并加以改编 and then approved by the Board of Trustees in 2015-2016. These additional goals/concepts were included: lifelong learning; responsibility to serve a global society; engagement with all faiths; building an international community; and care of our common home, the Earth. 网上可靠的赌博软件学院目前的使命宣言如下:

网上可靠的赌博软件学院是一个致力于学术卓越的终身学习者社区 and fostering joy in the pursuit of knowledge. Rosemont College seeks to develop in 社会上所有成员都有开放和批判的头脑,有推理的能力 道德决策,以及在全球社会中为他人服务的责任感.

植根于天主教,网上可靠的赌博软件欢迎所有的信仰,并由教育的指导 科妮莉亚·康纳利和圣婴耶稣会的原则来满足 needs of the time.

Rosemont College values:

  • Trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person;
  • 多样性,致力于建设跨文化社区;
  • Persistence and courage in promoting justice with compassion;
  • Care for the Earth as our common home.