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Earn Your MA in 咨询

African American male therapist smiles at a patient across from his chair in a white, 极简主义的办公室. The back of the patient's head is visible, she is red-haired woman. A man's arm is slung around her shoulders. 他皮肤白皙.

Choose Your Path to Success with a Degree in Clinical Mental Health 咨询 or 学校心理咨询

The CACREP-accredited Master of Arts in 咨询 Program at Rosemont大学 prepares you with the exceptional skills and specialized knowledge you need to work in a variety of professional settings with the populations you want to positively impact.

Facilitated by faculty members who are current practitioners in the field of counseling, both the 学校心理咨询 and Clinical Mental Health 咨询 are in alignment with national standards in counseling.

Incorporating 700 hours of supervised experience under the guidance of a faculty member, our practicum and internship component is designed to help you to feel academically and professionally competent prior to entering the profession.

Concentrations in both 学校心理咨询 and Clinical Mental Health 咨询 for the MA in 咨询 are offered at our beautiful Rosemont大学 Campus in Bryn 三,爸爸.


The Council for Accreditation of 咨询 and Related 教育al Programs (CACREP), a specialized accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher 教育 Accreditation (CHEA), has granted accreditation to the following programs in Rosemont大学's School of 研究生 and Professional Studies: Clinical Mental Health 咨询 (MA degree) offered at Rosemont大学 in Rosemont, PA, and 学校心理咨询 (MA degree) at Rosemont大学 in Rosemont, PA. The CACREP 董事会 met in July 2021 and awarded accreditation to these counseling programs through October 2029. 

Licensure in Professional 咨询 (LPC)

The 60-credit master's program in Clinical Mental Health 咨询 and 学校心理咨询 prepares students to sit for the National Counselors Examination (NCE) by offering a free version of the examination that mirrors the content of the NCE.