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住房 At Rosemont

You'll find your home in Rosemont's residence halls. You'll also find security and 方便. Each residence hall is equipped with a security access card system, laundry, kitchen, and vending facilities available for student use. In addition, most rooms have their own sink for 方便 and privacy. 

The Office of 居住生活 seeks to build communities rooted in civility, personal growth, and the mission of the college though programming. Find more information on our policies, alongside short videos and descriptions of each residence hall below.

 居住生活 Rules and Regulations

Rosemont大学 学生手册 you will find information that discusses policies, procedures, and expectations of 作为学生的你. The 学生手册 also represents the obligations that we as a College have committed to in order to maximize your success, so it is your responsibility and your right to read the information provided thoroughly.

  • Returning Students: By participating in 住房 Selection Day, returning 学生 have the opportunity to choose where they would like to live. Returning 学生 reside in 康纳利大厅 and 霍夫曼大厅, 梅菲尔德大厅, and Gracemere Honors House.
  • Transfer Students: First-year 转学 are typically placed in 霍夫曼大厅 with either other transfer or new 学生.
  • Summer 住房: Summer housing occurs during summer session. Only 学生 who are registered for summer session one can live on campus.
  • Changing Room Assignments: Open room change occurs two weeks from the start of classes during room switch week.


科尔在大厅 is the primary residence hall for first-year 学生 as well as some transfer 学生. The building is co-ed by floor/wing with gender specific bathrooms. 我们的 Academic Explorations Program and First-Year Resource Center is housed here. Kaul is a substance-free residence hall (dry) alcohol is prohibited for all 学生 regardless of age.


Traditional double and single rooms are available as well as enclosed lounges for quiet group or individual study. Bathrooms are communal style and gender specific. Sophomores, juniors, some transfers, and many seniors live here.


康纳利大厅 provides suite-style living with private bathrooms. The building features air conditioning and a common area with a kitchen. All 学生 residing in Connelly Hall must have 45 credits and a minimum 2.5平均绩点.


梅菲尔德大厅 houses first-year Honors 学生 in doubles on the first floor, upperclassmen in singles , and suite singles on the second and third floors (there are no triples). Students must have 24 credits to live on the second and third floors.浴室 are communal style and gender specific.

Gracemere Honors House

This is our Living Learning 社区 (LLC) that supports the 荣誉项目, providing 学生 with a number of opportunities to participate in academic and 社会活动. Only 学生 in the 荣誉项目 are permitted to live in Gracemere 庄园. There is no minimum amount of credits required.