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Rosemont大学’s close-knit campus community empowers each student to develop their voice and use it to share their unique experiences and perspective. 这样做,我们 find that each of us has something amazing to share—and something we can learn.

There is so much we could say about how Rosemont helps students grow intellectually, 个人的,专业的. But our students say it best, so check out their stories, 下面是他们自己的话.

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Majors: 政治科学

“With my softball team, this transition from Missouri to Pennsylvania has been smooth and fun. I found a support system that loves me for me and tries to understand me.”



Casandra Antzoulatos

Majors: Sociology

"Before college, I felt like I knew everything and that nothing would surprise me. At the same time, I was aware that there was so much left to learn. 当我醒来 Rosemont, I was surprised about everything the adult world had to offer."




Majors: History & 中等教育

“I came to Rosemont unsure about my major until I took a history course. My professor suggested I become a history teacher, so now I’m a History and Secondary Ed major. It’s powerful to have a community that helps you find your passion.”




Majors: English

"My favorite thing about Rosemont so far is the small classes, and the ability to personalize my schedule (though I am tempted to say that the gorgeous campus is my 也是我最喜欢的部分)!





Majors: Studio Art & Design

“Rosemont has taught me academically to relax and focus, as well as broaden my horizons. Personally, it has taught me to be who I am and not to hide away.”



Dezalyn Triplin

Majors: Psychology

“When I first came here, I questioned everything I did. 但我遇到了很棒的人, both students and faculty and staff, who always made sure that I mattered. 这是 I always knew, but it didn't really click until I got here. 我已经获得了力量 或者自信."




Majors: 国际商务与会计

“社会问题对我来说非常重要. 我很高兴能和总统一起工作 他有兴趣听我的意见. This gives me hope for our students and Rosemont’s future.”




Majors: 英语及通讯

“我来自德克萨斯州的一个小镇. When I first arrived on campus, my view of the world 非常小. I have gained so much and become open to new ideas and people by 成为这样一个多元化社区的一员.”

bel's story


Frankie DiGironimo

Majors: 小学教育

“我想当一名一年级老师. I’ve already had a great deal of hands-on learning experience.”



Avery Bramell

Majors: 小学教育

“I felt welcomed by 校园部 in every aspect, whether through service or religion. 我不是天主教徒,但没关系. 这不仅仅是敬拜.”




Major: 政治科学

"To me, the POWER of small means that I'm part of a community of lifelong learners 能接受真实的我吗. At Rosemont, I can walk into a room and everybody knows my name. As president of Black Student Union, I can use that power to elevate our community."




Major: Biology

"I have developed close relationships with my fellow Biology classmates and professors, and I know that I can count on them to help me through my time at Rosemont and keep me focused on my goal of becoming a physician."

kelly's story



Majors: Psychology

“The 咨询中心 allows students to see the same counselor all four years, which 对我来说很重要. I want to take care of my mental health just as much as my physical health.”




Majors: 国际业务

“我来自北费城. I come from a single-parent home, and I’m the first person 去上大学.”



Madden Levin

Majors: Psychology

"My Raven Peer Leader got me involved at the start during orientation and suggested 我加入学生会. It snowballed from there, and now I’m the president of 网上可靠的赌博软件学生政府协会."




Majors: 新媒体传播

"In high school, I had surgery to remove an abnormal blood vessel in the part of my 控制语言的大脑. God gave me a voice, and being a 沟通s major 允许我使用它."




Majors: 体育运动管理

“I find I have so many opportunities here at Rosemont that I did not expect. There is power in having a community that believes in you.”




Major: English & 沟通

“Going into publishing is my ultimate career goal, and it was surprisingly difficult to find local schools that offer an entire publishing program like Rosemont does.”




Alina Colon

Major: 心理学与犯罪学

"I served as Vice President of my class, a softball player, and a soccer player my 网上可靠的赌博软件大学的第一年. Now I focus full-time on using my position to promote small, Catholic colleges like Rosemont and inspire youth."


Alina's Story



Major: 体育治理与政治学

“我一直都很喜欢运动. I know that when my time being a student athlete ends, I could not walk away from the atmosphere that raised me to be the person I am today. Sports change lives, and the impact goes beyond just the field."




Majors: Sociology

“I’m happy to be here because people know me. It’s great that I can build those relationships 尽管我是个很害羞的人. Being at Rosemont brought me out of my shell.”




Major: Studio Art & Design

"When I began my first year here, being on the lacrosse team made it easy to make friends. 我觉得我很适应."



Brie Muldoon

Majors: Marketing

“I’ll be an Associate Product Marketing Manager intern at Google this summer. My duties will include defining and executing go-to-market strategies and organizational coordination 对于新功能的发布.”

brie's story



Majors: 小学教育

"This is the place where I’m able to develop the power to be my own person. At Rosemont, 我是艾丽莎,不是一个数字."